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Who is Ramsey Muñiz and why should you care?

Ramsey Muñiz is a Mexicano political prisoner doing time, like a lot of our gente, on a trumped-up drug charge. As you read this, Muñiz sits in a Leavenworth prison -- once and current home to such political prisoners as Leonard Peltier, Sundiata Acoli and Mutulu Shakur -- hundreds of miles from his Texas home under the ridiculous slander of "flight risk." Like José Luís Aviña, Ricardo Adalpe Guerra and countless other Raza, he is another example of a colonized people locked-down by a racist criminal "just us" system. However, Muñiz has been down for the brown in a way many youth may not remember.

Back in the days of the Chicano Power Movement (mid-1960s to mid-1970s), Ramsey Muñiz was a college student and one of the most visible activistas. He ran twice as a gubernatorial candidate for La Raza Unida Party. He garnered not a handful of votes, not even a few hundred, but thousands of votes from gente who felt Muñiz represented their interests as a people and a constituency. The votes Ramsey got turned the election results upside-down and put the Democrats and RepubliKKKans on notice that Raza would no longer be ignored. In Texas history and in the history of la lucha, Ramsey's contribution must never be forgotten and this compañero must be helped to win his freedom.

Where Muñiz stands --
legally and personally

Appeals have been made on Ramsey's behalf to federal offices such as the Department of Justice for his freedom. No surprise -- they've rejected conclusive evidence of false testimony, police misconduct and lies to railroad Muñiz. Why? Because Muniz has never given up his conviction to fight for our people as Mexicanos and today, even from prison, speaks openly of a "cultural revolution" to spiritually and consciously renew our people. Freedom never comes from the oppressor. It comes from our gente rising together to free this carnal and everyone in la pinta de los puercos. Get involved in the campaign to free Ramsey Muñiz and all Chicano political prisoners.

Facts of the case

  • On a business trip in March in 1994, Ramsey Muñiz was arrested by DEA agents for possession and intent to distribute 39 kilograms of cocaine. The arrest came about when he was asked, by a prospective client, to move a car for him. Upon moving the car, Ramsey was immediately confronted by DEA agents, Lewisville police officers, a drug sniffing dog, and other agents. He was detained for almost two hours, and searched twice without his consent. Agents finally opened the trunk to the car Ramsey had been asked to move, and found what they already knew would be there.

  • The government won their case on pure deception, concealing the actual culprit from the jury. The culprit in this case was Donacio Medina -- a man who was looking for an attorney who would transfer two of his brothers from prisons in the United States to Mexico. Ramsey Muñiz was helping him to find that attorney. What Muñiz did not know was that Medina had made a drug deal with DEA agents, and for that reason he was being pursued by the DEA. The prosecution had knowledge of this fact during the trial, but they kept it hidden from the jury, so the jurors never really understood what this case was really about. In addition, they did not allow Muñiz's attorney to have knowledge of this, until it was too late.

  • A defense witness, whose motel records would have shed light on Medina as the culprit, refused to honor a subpoena which had properly been given to him. The judge, during trial, refused to enforce the subpoena, because it would only "confuse" the jury."

  • The prosecution referred to contraband valued at $800,000. Yet no money was found, no guns were found, and only two men were arrested. There were no fingerprints. The only other suspect in this case "eluded" the DEA.

Muñiz Action!

New posters are available. The posters feature a photograph of Ramsey R. Muñiz with the statement SOY MEXICANO above his picture. Underneath the photograph is his phrase, "WATCH ME RISE!!!" Please contact Advocates of Justice if you can assist in selling the posters. All proceeds will go to Advocates of Justice to cover legal fees.

To get active in the campaign to free Ramsey Muniz, contact:
Advocates of Justice
Free Ramsey web page

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