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NCMC Regions

For information about joining the NCMC or creating a region in your area, write or call any of the following regions:

Congreso Chicano de la Comunidad
NCMC El Paso Region
P.O. Box 22156
El Paso, TX 79913
(915) 532-4148

NCMC-Los Angeles
1131 N. Hazard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90063
(213) 261-2286

P.O. Box 20411
Oxnard, CA 93034-0411
(805) 655-6524

NCMC-Riverside/San Bernardino
3385 N. Stoddard
San Bernardino, CA 92405
(909) 882-4422

Raza Rights Coalition
NCMC San Diego Region

P.O. Box 620095
San Diego, CA 92162
(619) 280-8361


NCMC-San José
P.O. Box 1523
San José, CA 95109
(408) 223-0938

No region in your area?

Contact us about starting a local NCMC group or to make your organization a part of the NCMC.

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National Chicano Moratorium Committee, P.O. Box 620095, San Diego, CA 92162
Start a local region! Contact us for details.