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How to start a region

To become a REGION of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee you must:
  1. Notify NCMC of lnterest for membership to NCMC.

  2. Hold an open meeting in area where committee ls to be established.

  3. Those attending meeting must agree and adhere to the NCMC Principles of Unity and Code of Conduct.

  4. Must attend NCMC after open meeting and officially request membership into the NCMC. If any member of the NCMC challenges petitioning membership the NCMC may send a representative to review and ensure that the process was carried out in accordance to the above described membership requirements (precedence established at NCMC meeting held in El Paso, Tejas, 1991).

  5. Pay Dues.
NOTE: This organization has no tolerance for disruptive groups, individuals or hidden agendas.

Your full name:
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Your phone number (with country, city, area codes):

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National Chicano Moratorium Committee, P.O. Box 620095, San Diego, CA 92162
Start a local region! Contact us for details.