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NCMC Mesa Directiva: comprised of: National Coordinator, National Secretary, National Treasurer and two Members at Large.

Regional Committees: represented by their elected national representatives.

Standing National Committees:

  • Outreach (Identify and coordinate public mobilization events, gather & disseminate information relevant to community issues)

  • Youth(Recruit and involve barrio based youth, as well as, honest elements of the Chicano student movement in relevant NCMC events and issues)

  • Labor (To coordinate public mobilization events and gather information relevant to labor issues)

  • La Mujer (Identify and promote the participation, positive role and contributions of Chicanas Mexicanas in the NCMC and Chicano Movement as a whole, with emphasis on current events relevant to La Mujer)

  • Publicity (To interface with various printed, electronic and T.V. media entities. Prepare approved press statements and coordinate media/press conferences)

  • Security (Coordinates internal & external security for meetings or official Region rqllies, marches and demonstrations. May also at times, when approved, provide "technical" assistance to other organizations requiring security coverage).

It is recommended that each Region adopt the following basic structure:

Steering Committee:

  • Coordinator (Provides overall direction to the Region as it relates to issues and action mobilizations also as informatlon officer.)

  • Secretary (Records minutes of general/steering committee meetings)

  • Treasurer-Fund Raising (Maintains a record of the Committee's finances and provides direction in coordinating fund raising activities)

  • National Representative (Duly elected by the general membership at a regional meeting is the only official and voting member to the National Chicano Moratorium Committee Meetings).

Regional Committees: Outreach, Youth, Labor, La Mujer, Publicity (Same as above, also coordinate the collection, formating & printing of news stories for the Regions Newsletter on a monthly basis), Security.

"Working committees": are comprised of those members who have an active interest regarding a particular facet of mobilization, publicity outreaching, organizing, or fund raising. Presently, varlous National/Region committees are convened on an as needed basis.

Members are made-up of area compañeras and compañeros who pay annual dues, actively participate in NCMC events & meetings, respect and adhere to collective organizational decisions, and respect the Principles of Unity & Code of Conduct.

Officers are elected by the general membership in January of the new year.

No other positions, endorsements, or action item voting can be taken by the National Representative that has not been reviewed & approved by the Regions general membership or steering committee. All members are wekome to attend National meetings, however, members are not to take adverse positions negative to an official Regions voted upon position(s). Members of the Reglon do not have the right to vote on behalf of the Region or themselves in National voting agenda items.

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