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The only time you see a brown face on the news is when they're cuffing us, chasing us down with batons and pistols drawn or spreading some stereotype. Why? Face it. The media, owned by the wealthy and alive to perpetuate a racist system, would just as soon see Chicano Mexicano/Indio peoples gone.

Part of what keeps us isolated is the lack of information we have about gente in the Occupied Territories (E.E.U.U.) and south of the frontera falsa. This must change.

What is Raza?

Raza is a mailing list you can subscribe to for news, commentaries, alerts and information about the struggles of Chicanos for justice, self-determination, true history and more. Raza's content comes from a variety of sources, including English and Spanish language mainstream news, comminques from our people, alerts from activistas and coverage of la lucha whitewashed by the "major media." You can expect to receive 2-12 messages a week, many of which you are encouraged to pass along to your compas. You can unsubscribe whenever you want and Raza comes directly to your e-mail box.

What Raza is not.

Raza is moderated, meaning you will only get messages from one person. It is not a discussion list, although it will publish notices of online meetings to discuss Raza issues. Visit the newsgroups soc.culture.mexican as well as many Latin American and South American culture newsgroups in Usenet. On occasion, responses to articles may be posted in a single e-mail, but generally the format will be just news. Don't fool yourself. Outreach and information-sharing via the Internet is a wonderful, empowering tool, but it is not organization. Organizing for self-determination, justice and revolution para nuestra pueblo y tierra means struggling in our barrios every day. If you are not involved in organizing, maybe Raza can help you get more interested. If you're already helping our people, this is your resource too.

To subscribe

Send mail to listserv@burn.ucsd.edu with the subject line (and body text) reading: "Subscribe Raza First_Name Last_Name." The listserv does the rest!

To unsubscribe

Same as above, but make sure it says "unsubscribe."

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