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Arm yourself

Remember, the police are not concerned about your defense or your rights, they are on the side of the prosecution/DA’s office, no matter how “nice” the police talk or treat you--or how abusive or threatening they are--their job is to arrest and help get a conviction.

More importantly, understand that the police are the first line of defense for the U.S. government. The police are an occupying army in the barrio! The NCMC is arming our gente with knowledge.

All over occupied Aztlán, NCMC Know Your Rights cards in English and Spanish are giving Raza what they need to know in the event of police harassment. Cards cover your basic rights if you're stopped by police, rules about search and seizure and definitions of the police role in the barrio. Distribute Know Your Rights cards in your community today.

Join the NCMC and fight back!

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