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Principled Demands

NCMC existence is premised on the basic nght of 1a Raza to pursue justice, equality and a quality life devoid of racism, labor & economic exploitation, sexism/anti-sexual preference attitudes, inferior education, repression of culture & histoIy, insufficient human services, racist immigration laws & law enforcement abuse. Plus all other actions and policies of the AmeriKkkan Establishment meant to further oppress the Chicano Mexicano People. In addition we actively support the struggles of all oppressed peoples striving for National Liberation.

NCMC Principled Demands

  1. Chicano Mexicano Self-Determination

  2. Union jobs and decent wages

  3. Respect and Advocacy of La Mujer's Rights

  4. Quality Housing

  5. Respect Rights of all Raza within the the boundaries of the well being of all Raza

  6. Quality Health Care

  7. Community based control of law enforcement

  8. Abolish the terrorist Border Patrol

  9. Quality and relevant education for La Raza

  10. Stop U.S. Government drug-trafficking

  11. End environmental racism and exploitative health hazardous industries in or near our barrios

  12. Raza unite to end barrio violence

  13. Social justice and true democracy in Mexico

  14. Stop "Free Trade" economic exploitation of Mexico by the U.S.

  15. U.S. out of Latin America-Peace and Justice in Latin America!

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