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Join the Campaign to Free José Luís Now!

Since the Barrio Defense Committee in San José initiated the campaign to Free José Luís Now!, Raza from all over Aztlán (occupied Mexicano territory--some call it the US) are embracing the campaign because it represents the struggle to defend our gente locked-down in gringo prisons.

Raza support the campaign to Free José Luís Now! because it exposes the gringo prisons as the main industry responsible for saving California’s economy and the entire US gringo standard of living.

Why is the Gringo Gov’t Attacking José Luís?

José Luís Aviña is a young Raza man from San José who went to the Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco’s drug disneylandia, in March 1994. The Haight is a 30 year-old gringo playground set up so gringos can buy and sell every kind of drug without being attacked by the San Francisco police agencies.

While in the Haight, José Luís exposed a bunk marijuana dealer. The drug dealer’s drug runner attacked José Luís from behind and José Luís defended himself.

The drug runner who died from one blow was the son of a rich San Francisco Marin county gringo family. The US gov’t had to protect the family’s reputation. That’s why José Luís has been slandered as a criminal, thief and dope user.

More importantly, the US gov’t had to cover up it’s own role in drug trafficking. Immediately, the gringo plan was to criminalize José Luís and the entire Mexicano community using every form of media, local gov’t in San Francisco and San José, police agencies and Raza vendido forces who live off of the attacks of the US gov’t against la Raza. Who are the Real Drug Dealers?

There are almost 2 million Raza and 3 million Africans (blacks) locked-down in gringo prisons, not counting juvenile prisons and orphanages. Most Raza and Africans are locked-down for some kind of drug related crime.

The drug economy in the US is worth $250 billion a year. Look at our barrios and African ghettoes and you will know that drug lords are not 13, 15, or 20 year old Raza or Africans.

Last year it was in the San José Mercury News--the CIA owns the crack economy. Now look at San Francisco, Beverly Hills, and Washington DC, any where that the gavas live. If the drug economy isn’t directly paying the gringo’s bills, then it’s the multi-billion dollar prison industry that they’ve built off of criminalizing Raza and Africans. The US Gov’t is Attacking La Raza Youth!

The US gov’t is constantly attacking our youth because the majority of the 25 million Raza in Aztlán are 20 years old or younger.

One example is the Welfare Reform Bill. Clinton and the republicans are snatching our children away from us and stuffing them into orphanages and foster care homes that gringos set-up so they can act like wardens and earn up to $1,500 a month per child.

Juvenile detention centers, ranches and boot camps are being feverishly built to hold la Razita. In San José the juvenile hall was torn down and rebuilt to take up a entire city block. Now the juvenile hall is conveniently set up with the SJPD and juvenile court along side. So the police can criminalize Raza, the courts can justify and legitimize police harassment and the state can lock-down our youth all at the same time. The US Gov’t is the Real Gang!

The concept of gang wars, gang violence, and drive-bys are strategies of the US gov’t to criminalize our youth because barrio youth have always resisted the gringo attacks.

In the 60’s, during the Chicano Power Movement, the barrio youth stood up against the anti-Mexican institutions and confronted them by forming self-defense organizations like the Brown Berets de Aztlán who called for community control of the institutions in our barrios.

During the campaign against Prop. 187, it was the barrio youth who organized and led massive demonstrations and walk-outs in support of our gente’s right to self-determination. You can still see the militancy and resistance of la Razita manifested on the walls as graffiti--the creative rebellious voice of barrio youth against the gringo system.

The US Gov’t is Committing Genocide!

The International Geneva Convention identifies genocide as the way in which sectors of a population are removed, killed or forced out of the community. So, when the US gov’t forcibly removes our youth from the community, the US gov’t is committing genocide against la Raza.

The gringos sets up their laws to legalize the massive exploitation of Raza and has been doing the same movida since 1492 when Columbus got lost. The european invaders made the massacre of 30 million indigenous people (la Raza) legal so they could have our land. The US gov’t made the enslavement of millions of Africans legal so the european invaders wouldn’t have to work in the fields or even take care of their own babies.

Raza Locked-Down are Political Prisoners of War in Aztlán!

We say that Raza are political prisoners of war in Aztlán because la Raza have been colonized for 500 years by the european invaders.

These invaders militarily forced their languages, religions, and their violent culture and values on Raza. They wiped out 90 percent of our gente through massive lynchings and through disease they brought with them and consciously spread to our gente They enslaved la Raza that they didn’t murder in the gold and silver mines so they could send back wealth to save the economy in europe.

Raza are still being exploited and the gavachos are clear that they’re still fighting a war. That’s why Clinton signed the Crime Bill. The so-called good-guys democrats put 100,000 more police in our barrios. These are para-military forces that are part of the campaign to catch large numbers of Raza youth through graffiti sting operations, curfew laws and cruising laws to help fill the 23 new prisons being built just in Califas by the year 2000.

All Sectors of Gava Life Benefit from Prisons!

Crack sentences are 10 times harder than cocaine sentences. Gringos use cocaine, but Raza and Africans can only afford crack. Along with “3 Strikes--You’re Out!”, the US gov’t has a plan that creates jobs for unemployed gringos.

Prison guards earn $35,000 a year with a high school diploma, plus construction workers, social workers, computer programmers and more all get work from prison building--the gold rush of the 90’s!

We have to get organized and defend our barrios! Free José Luís Now! (408) 223-0938.

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