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Principles of Unity

The Principles of Unity and Code of Conduct have been developed for the purpose of functioning as a framework within which various goals and objectives can be discussed, analyzed, and applied as positive remedies to the many negative realities existing in our barrios throughout Aztlán. Strategies developed or positions/endorsement on issues must adhere to the overriding governance of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee, of which Regions are active dues paying member of.

The National Chicano Moratorium Committee (NCMC) is a barrio-based focused and Raza mass-based organization comprised of Regions who share a common belief in the necessity of:

  1. Chicano Mexicano Self-Determination.

  2. Building the Chicano Mexicano Movement independently of governmental funding, and non-Raza or multi-national formations.

  3. Respecting the Rights of all Raza within the boundaries of the well being of all Raza

The NCMC is helping to rebuild the Chicano Mexicano Movement by providing a national forum for enhanced development of Aztlan-wide Raza perspectives and organization, activist skills-training, and Regional capabilities development.

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