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What is the National Chicano Moratorium Committee?

The National Chicano Moratorium Committee (NCMC) is a national progressive Chicano Mexicano organization guided by the principles of self-determination, independence of government/corporate funding and defending the human and democratic rights of all Raza. We are of many backgrounds, ideologies and lives, but all NCMC members are united by agreement in the NCMC principled demands and the points of unity.

The NCMC began in 1989 as part of a movement to commemorate te 1970 Chicano Moratorium. However, NCMC organizers recognized the need to build a movement within occupied Aztlán and throughout North America to speak on issues of Chicano self-determination and revolutionary nationalism. The NCMC is the only formation of this kind, and the NCMC welcomes all honest Chicanos into the organization.

The NCMC is not a front for any political party or multinational formation. It is solely committed to self-determination for nuestra gente. The NCMC looks to build community and Chicano solutions rather than to recruiting politicians or backing multinational cadres to fight for our human and civil rights. Hidden agendas and similar politicking are not tolerated. No one will speak for us but us, and we are committed to La Raza first.

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National Chicano Moratorium Committee, P.O. Box 620095, San Diego, CA 92162
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