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¡Ya Basta!

In the face of the intensifying and vicious attacks coming down on our gente we must get organized to defend ourselves, our families, and our land.

The Crime Bill, Prop 187, and the Contract with America are the newest forms of the same U.S. war that has historically come down on our gente for the last 500 years. These laws deny us education, health care, and basic democratic rights while filling our streets with police and migra. These laws are about securing more stolen resources and creating more jobs for white people by imprisoning our gente.

We say ya basta to our victimization, the division of our people by a false border, and the questioning of our right to residency in our homeland, and to a gringo settler system which must - at all costs - keep us ignorant, divided, powerless and exploitable. If you also believe that enough is enough, then join us in building a movement to work in our own interests and defend our gente against the vicious genocidal attacks we face each day.

Start an NCMC chapter

NCMC chapters have autonomy in name and focus. We are united in agreement to the NCMC points of unity and principled demands, as well as the code of conduct. The NCMC has a suggested structure, but all is determined by local needs and resources. Many groups work on issues which affect our communities and our people, but the NCMC is the only national formation committed to building a nationwide network of Raza struggling for revolutionary self-determination and justice. The issues the NCMC is committed to affect the lives of Chicanos everywhere but are also symptoms of colonial domination. Now is the time to act.

How to get started

Drop email to express your interest and movement-building in your area begins. Generally, you and compañero/as in your area will build for a local meeting to start your NCMC group and a representative from the national mesa will visit for that meeting to orient interested people and offer guidance. Its recommended to start a local group with at least three to five people. Those are the basics. Start your local group today.

How to start a region

To become a REGION of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee you must:
  1. Notify NCMC of lnterest for membership to NCMC.

  2. Hold an open meeting in area where committee ls to be established.

  3. Those attending meeting must agree and adhere to the NCMC Principles of Unity and Code of Conduct.

  4. Must attend NCMC after open meeting and officially request membership into the NCMC. If any member of the NCMC challenges petitioning membership the NCMC may send a representative to review and ensure that the process was carried out in accordance to the above described membership requirements (precedence established at NCMC meeting held in El Paso, Tejas, 1991).

  5. Pay Dues.

NOTE: This organization has no tolerance for disruptive groups, individuals or hidden agendas.


No region in your area?

Contact us about starting a local NCMC group or to make your organization a part of the NCMC.

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