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About the National Chicano Moratorium Committee

Principles of Unity

The Principles of Unity and Code of Conduct have been developed for the purpose of functioning as a framework within which various goals and objectives can be discussed, analyzed, and applied as positive remedies to the many negative realities existing in our barrios throughout Aztlán. Strategies developed or positions/endorsement on issues must adhere to the overriding governance of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee, of which Regions are active dues paying member of.

The National Chicano Moratorium Committee (NCMC) is a barrio-based focused and Raza mass-based organization comprised of Regions who share a common belief in the necessity of:

  1. Chicano Mexicano Self-Determination.

  2. Building the Chicano Mexicano Movement independently of governmental funding, and non-Raza or multi-national formations.

  3. Respecting the Rights of all Raza within the boundaries of the well being of all Raza

The NCMC is helping to rebuild the Chicano Mexicano Movement by providing a national forum for enhanced development of Aztlan-wide Raza perspectives and organization, activist skills-training, and Regional capabilities development.


Principled Demands

NCMC existence is premised on the basic nght of 1a Raza to pursue justice, equality and a quality life devoid of racism, labor & economic exploitation, sexism/anti-sexual preference attitudes, inferior education, repression of culture & histoIy, insufficient human services, racist immigration laws & law enforcement abuse. Plus all other actions and policies of the AmeriKkkan Establishment meant to further oppress the Chicano Mexicano People. In addition we actively support the struggles of all oppressed peoples striving for National Liberation.

NCMC Principled Demands

  1. Chicano Mexicano Self-Determination

  2. Union jobs and decent wages

  3. Respect and Advocacy of La Mujer's Rights

  4. Quality Housing

  5. Respect Rights of all Raza within the the boundaries of the well being of all Raza

  6. Quality Health Care

  7. Community based control of law enforcement

  8. Abolish the terrorist Border Patrol

  9. Quality and relevant education for La Raza

  10. Stop U.S. Government drug-trafficking

  11. End environmental racism and exploitative health hazardous industries in or near our barrios

  12. Raza unite to end barrio violence

  13. Social justice and true democracy in Mexico

  14. Stop "Free Trade" economic exploitation of Mexico by the U.S.

  15. U.S. out of Latin America-Peace and Justice in Latin America!


Code of Conduct

The NCMC welcomes the participation of honest Chicano Mexicanos (individuals/organizations) who commit themselves to the Principles of Unity, Principled Demands, Structure & Code of Conduct; and, who are willing to contribute to a progressive politlcal agenda for the empowerment of Nuestra Raza and the liberation of Aztlán-Occupied Mexico.

  1. No alcohol/drugs will be permitted at NCMC National meetings, or official National events.

  2. Members and others under the influence of alcohol or non prescription drugs will not be permitted to participate in NCMC National Meetings or official National events. They will be asked to leave by Security.

  3. Members are expected to treat each other in a respectful manner and promote non-racist, non-sexist (including sexual preference) or otherwise non-chauvinistic behavior. Members who cannot comply will be asked to leave by a consensus of the present body (or public event responsibles), and such directives will be carried out by Security as needed. A member who violates this provision will be invited to meet with the NCMC Mesa Directiva or Region Steering Committee, whichever is appropriate in a given situation, for constructive review of the "incident" in question with the goal of providing positive collective counseling for that member to move beyond the "incident".

  4. No violence, derogatory language nor actions which promote violence will be allowed at NCMC National or Regional events/efforts. Anyone involved in such actlons will promptly be responded to, and asked to leave by Security. Any incident of this nature will be referred to the NCMC Mesa Directiva or Region Steering Committee, whichever is appropriate in a given situation, for review and follow up action.

  5. Members and other NCMC participants are expected to respect the collective process, the Principles of Unity and Code of Conduct and to refrain from making public statements or taking public action counter to a decision made by the NCMC on a National basis or at a Regional level.

  6. Any member who violates these, provisions will be asked to leave and at a later time will be invited to meet with the NCMC Mesa Directlva or Region Steering Committee, whichever is appropriate in a given situation, for constmctive review of the "incident" in questlon and with the goal of postive collective counseling for that member in order to bring about resolution.



NCMC Mesa Directiva: comprised of: National Coordinator, National Secretary, National Treasurer and two Members at Large.

Regional Committees: represented by their elected national representatives.

Standing National Committees:

It is recommended that each Region adopt the following basic structure:

Steering Committee:

Regional Committees: Outreach, Youth, Labor, La Mujer, Publicity (Same as above, also coordinate the collection, formating & printing of news stories for the Regions Newsletter on a monthly basis), Security.

"Working committees": are comprised of those members who have an active interest regarding a particular facet of mobilization, publicity outreaching, organizing, or fund raising. Presently, varlous National/Region committees are convened on an as needed basis.

Members are made-up of area compañeras and compañeros who pay annual dues, actively participate in NCMC events & meetings, respect and adhere to collective organizational decisions, and respect the Principles of Unity & Code of Conduct.

Officers are elected by the general membership in January of the new year.

No other positions, endorsements, or action item voting can be taken by the National Representative that has not been reviewed & approved by the Regions general membership or steering committee. All members are wekome to attend National meetings, however, members are not to take adverse positions negative to an official Regions voted upon position(s). Members of the Reglon do not have the right to vote on behalf of the Region or themselves in National voting agenda items.